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Apart from obadiah, haggai is the shortest book in the ot, but its teachings are none the less significant. Haggai preached his sermons during the second year of darius i 521486 b. Nahummalachi, holman old testament commentary by stephen miller. The book of haggai, also known as the book of aggeus, is a book of the hebrew bible or. Haggai, the writer of this short book, is mentioned in ezra 5. The book of of the prophet haggai agape bible study.

Theme verses of haggai thus says the lord of hosts, consider your ways. Haggai clearly shows the consequences of disobedience 1. The book of haggai contains messages delivered by the prophet haggai, and thus it is reasonable to consider haggai its author. Agape bible study the book of of the prophet haggai. The book of haggai was written in approximately 520 b. His message was largely positive, encouraging his hearers to not be concerned that the temple was not as. In this second shortest book of the old testament after obadiah, haggai. Book of haggai study put god first in life learn religions. Study the bible online using commentary on haggai introduction and more. When the people give priority to god and his house, they are blessed rather than cursed cf. Haggai wrote for jews who were rebuilding the temple in jerusalem, following the exile. When god had a message for the people, he spoke through the. Find encouragement for that construction project in the four passionate sermons from this old testament prophet. The prophet haggai was one of the three postexile prophets along with zechariah and malachi.

It is the only book of the english bible to contain two chapters. Haggai mentions himself by name nine times in this short book, so the authorship is certain. Next to obadiah, haggai is the shortest book in the old testament, containing but two chapters comprised of a total of 38 verses. The last three books of the minor prophets jump to the period of time after the captivity a. Study scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting, underlining, take notes in the bible. Haggai s messages were preached within a fifteen week period 29 august to 18 december 520 b. Read haggai introduction commentary using commentary critical and explanatory on the whole bible. Haggai is the tenth of the minor prophets, the last 12 books of the old testament. The prophet haggai recorded his four messages to the jewish people of jerusalem in 520 bc, eighteen years after their return from exile in babylon 538 bc. Haggai, zechariah niv application commentary by mark boda more insights from your bible study get started with logos bible software for free. He exhorted them to turn from the uncleanness of their ways and to trust in gods sovereign power. Book of haggai read, study bible verses online bible study tools. The book of haggai begins as a wakeup call to the jews who had neglected the temple, but it ends with an example of how god delights in his childrens obedience.

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