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Starting from 2016 cabo trek offers now 2 days excursions to for gray whale watching in lopez mateos, also known as magdalena bay. Apr 29, 2017 whale season begins in puerto vallarta every year from midnovember to the end of march, visitors to puerto vallarta can enjoy whale watching. The best time to travel to ecuador is definitely between june and september. The most fantastic ecuador whale watching location is machalilla national park. Best whale watching destinations in the world part two. The research center pacific whale foundationecuador with palo santo travel is offering humpback whale research internships in puerto lopez machalilla national park. Its whale watching season in puerto vallartas banderas bay. Humpback whale jumping in puerto lopez, ecuador royalty free stock photos. Get a free copy of the events listed below by downloading our annual calendar. I had a wonderful experience seeing them in puerto lopez, ecuador.

These humpbacks are members of the north eastern pacific population. What is the best time to see whales in peninsula valdes. Humpback whales could reach 15 meters long and weigh up to 30 tons. Located 58km northwest of ciudad constitucion, shielded by the offshore barrier of isla magdalena, puerto lopez mateos is one of bajas best whalewatching sites. The latter is known as the poor mans galapagos because it is home to many of the same bird and animal species that live in the galapagos islands, one of the best wildlife viewing.

Puerto lopez whale watching out of season beaches and. They travel in groups, so when you go whale watching you can see lots of whales from the both sides of the boat. Between june and october, the marine area of the machalilla national park forms a reproductive or breeding area for humpback whales that migrate from the antarctic to ecuador. They give birth, mate, head off and return the following year to begin a new cycle. Download whale pichers stock pictures and picture in the best photography. Get up close with wildlife in mexicos magdalena bay travel.

Starting from 2016 cabo trek offers now 2 days excursions to for gray whale watching in l opez mateos, also known as magdalena bay. Well, our trip from canoa to puerto lopez was only coastline, but it still took several forms of transportation. Puerto lopez, ecuador is the quintessential coastal town and will give you an excellent sense of what life on the coast is like. Situated about 5 hours north of cabo san lucas, this stretch of land is populated by a small community of fisherman. The best time to come is between early february and midmay. Whale watching in puerto lopez, ecuador dinks in transit. Whale watching season off the cost of ecuador is between july, august, september. Puerto lopez is famous for whale watching for part of the year, but very quiet and not at all touristy outside of that time.

During the season, the narrow waterway that passes by town becomes a veritable ballena cruising strip. The state of whale watching in latin america whale and dolphin. Whale watching tour puerto lopez machalilla natl park. Of all the whales, the humpbacks megaptera novaeangliae are the most spectacular ones thanks to their breaching, lobtailing, flippering and their beautiful songs, which are part of their courtship rituals.

South of puerto lopez, metropolitan tours built a hotel using barro viejo the same architects that designed merris and my house at our andean plantation rosaspamba. Every day in whale season from mid june to mid october during whale season, which starts in june and ends in september, you can spot humpback whales in the waters near puerto lopez on this 3hour whale watching tour. Jan 08, 2016 this year, whale watching season officially began on december 1, 2015 and run through march 23, 2016. Family whale watching in magdalena bay sea kayak adventures. More details of our baja california tours are on our home page. Humpback whales are the species most frequently seen during the puerto vallarta whale watching season. Puerto adolfo lopez mateos is the perfect solution for those who want to encounter whales in a more intimate, no frills location, without the larger crowds of the other whale watching locations. Whales stock pictures, royalty free whale photos download on. From the north in esmeraldas, whale tours are offered in atacames and sua.

Humpback whales in puerto vallarta puerto vallarta whale. It includes everything that everyone should do here. Theres tons to see, including trails, forests, beaches and reefs. Many have offices along the beach area around the plaza.

Is lopez mateos baja california surs best kept secret. After a good hearty breakfast be ready to depart 7. I have been to the bahamas many times, but pegaso whale watch sailing adventure is one of my favorite trips. Hump back whale stock pics, royalty free humpback whale. Humpback whales, who arrive in droves for the breeding season. Many licensed tour agencies can be found along the shores of puerto lopez. Humpback whale watching in puerto lopez, ecuador youtube. In june 2017 i started watching season of humpback whales that come to the coast of ecuador remember that we are watching in season humpback whales in the ecuadorian coast.

A cost benefit framework was used to estimate the economic rent that. Whale watching in puerto lopez the ungraceful guide. In puerto adolfo lopez mateos we have all the amenities to make your holiday unforgettable. Pdf evaluation of crowding and tourist satisfaction in the practice. During the tour, we will have the opportunity to find the. The whale watching excursion is offered by the tour operators from the resort. In order to safeguard human life at sea and ensure the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins in ecuadorian waters, the government, through four secretaries of. Gray whales whale watching in magdalena bay cabo trek. We can enjoy the behavior of mother with its calf it reaches 4 meters long. From late november to late march, hundreds of humpback whales migrate down from the cold waters of the north pacific ocean to our less cold waters.

The isla is also a top spot for whale watching, one of the primary sites in ecuador for our large blubbery friends. Whale watching is one of the most impressive activities in nature you can participate in. Whale watching in peninsula valdes puerto madryn and piramides. Aug 12, 20 whale watching in puerto lopez august 12, 20 by ayngelina 11 comments some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, i may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As a bahamas veteran, i can say only the best about this experience. Oct 19, 2017 whale watching season in ecuador is from juneseptember. Our boats are located in puerto lopez, 112km from manta. Your first whale watching session will start immediately upon arrival. Jul 28, 2015 its official, whale season is here in puerto cayo. Whale watching in puerto lopez, ecuador outdoor revival. We were very lucky to actually touch the whales, but just motoring along quietly as they swam next to our boat was special enough. Hostal maxima, puerto lopez, manabi, ecuador whale watching. Operadora turismo palo santo travel whale watching ecuador. These are family groups heading all the way to the pole after their feeding season, with newly born and quick growing kids in.

Every year from midnovember to the end of march, visitors to puerto vallarta can enjoy the most spectacular whale watching possible anywhere in the world. Once you are at the address that is shown on the map look for our whale. Tours leave daily from puerto vallartas maritime terminal, beginning at 8 am. Please remember to like, comment and share our video, and also subscribe to our youtube channel. It is that time of the years when whales come back to rocky point, every year is different but from around november and sometimes until up to mid may is what you can call whale season in rocky point, mexico.

June to november is the summer season and most days are very cloudy in puerto lopez, so choose your day wisely as there arent often very colourful susnets at this time of year at leasyt not in our experience. Best whale watching in ecuador palo santo travel ecuador. This whale watching tour leaves from the dock at machalilla national park and takes you to explore the open ocean. Time of the year during the puerto vallarta whale watching season does make a difference. Great day out at sea, watching the sperm whales that come to give birth and mate. Puerto lopez is a fishing village that gets a moderate amount of attention during the june october months when humpback whales return to one of their favorite mating spots in the pacific. Puerto lopez is a small fishing town on the ecuadorian coast, famous among tourists from all over the world for its whale watching tours and. Whale watching in puerto l opez august 12, 20 by ayngelina 11 comments some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, i may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Whale watching season has begun in baja california sur. The beach in puerto lopez is usually very calm so renting a kayak at sunset can be a really nice and relaxing experience. Puerto lopez 16,000 inhabitants is a small fishing village set in an arched bay on the pacific. Starting in july, you can head over to puerto lopez and observe pods.

The main focus of all whale watching tours lies on the curious and gentle gray. Magical whale watching at puerto lopez mateos with boa we had a memorable overnight trip to puerto lopez mateos on bahia magdalena. At this time of the whale watching season there are new whales arriving every day, males and females. Gray whales in magdalena bay, lopez mateos cabo whale trek. Best time whale watching puerto vallarta puerto vallarta. Thats until i met a few travellers on the quilotoa loop that had just been there and told me it was whale season and it. Dec 01, 2016 puerto vallarta, mexico offers many ecological tours, but nothing compares to the thrill of whale watching on banderas bay. We headed back to the bus depot and hopped onto another old beauty headed for puerto lopez. The 20162017 whale watching season officially opens december 1, giving everyone a chance to discover the wonderful world of whales while vacationing in vallarta. Just like the friendly gray whales of puerto lopez mateo, these sea lions also seem to enjoy human interaction. Download humpback whales picture stock pics and picture in the best photography agency. Season of the humpback whales in puerto lopez julie powell. Your tour of the coastline will take between 3 and 4 hours.

Youll get to admire the beaches of machalilla from a distance, and see the water around your boat turn an increasingly deeper shade of blue as you leave the sandy. Mexico the best tips for whale watching in mexico whaletrips. Governmental regulations limit any whale watching tours to this time period. Humpback whales cruise in from the antarctic between june and september to enjoy the warm pacific waters. Whether it is for whale watching, a quick recharge of vitamin see, or just to escape to the tranquility of this small fishing village on the ecuadorian coast in the province of manabi, you will be pleased to have chosen nativa whale domes for your stay. Reserve ahead during the busy whale watching season, and during the coastal high season end of december to april. We took a boat tour and got lucky because we got to see multiple whales at the same time. Whale watching season in banderas bay and the pacific ocean near puerto vallarta officially begins december 8 th and runs through the winter until march 23 rd. And with the whale watching season in full swing, less boats on the water to disturb the wildlife. Adolfo lopez mateos whale watching puerto san carlos forum.

Gray whale watching in lopez mateos is an incredible experience. Short note sightings of an adult male killer whale match. We had an excellent run out to the island with well over 25 humpbacks passing by our boat. The best season for whale watching in lopez mateos is from late december to early april. The laguna is quiet but full of life, for thousands of years the gray whales have migrated here to give birth to their calves and nourish them until they are strong enough to make their journey back to the cold waters of alaska. There are ten 10 tour agencies in puerto lopez that are licensed to take visitors on whale watching tours. We are the most beautiful country in the world, to the point of becoming the favorite place for one of the largest animals on the planet, choose it whale watching season in ecuador read more. Whale season lasts from july to september, during which you can see. Activities of sport fishing, whale watching tour, the restaurant with the best regional food and rent rooms to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Whale watching season has formally begun in baja california sur with the sighting of whales at puerto adolfo lopez mateos in the municipality of comondu in late december of 2015. The sightings line up exactly with whale watching season that has been legally marked out by semarnat, the federal department of environment and natural resources. Whale watching is popular from midjune to october and tours can be booked in town. They surface to take a deep breath, blow water into the air, and every now and then decide to shoot out into the sky.

We hope you enjoyed our puerto lopez whale watching tour in the third part of our trip to ecuadors southern coast. With great majesty, they truly bring enchantment to our cloudiest time of year. During the tour, we will have the opportunity to find whale. If you are planning a trip to the ecuador pacific coast, puerto lopez is a great place to visit. During the beginning of the puerto vallarta whale watching season we typically encounter only adult humpback whales.

Listen to the magnified whale song through our onboard hydrophones. Whale watching in puerto lopez, ecuador whale watching. Tips if youre planning to take pictures of the whales, its a good idea to bring a waterproof case or bag for your camera. Located in the beautiful state of baja california sur offer.

We recommend scheduling your whale watching experience during puerto vallartas whale watching season between december and march. Gray whales arent the only species to see while in baja. Whale watching season in ecuador guide ecuador travel. Puerto lopez ecuador international real estate change. On occasion you maybe able to observe whale behavior, such as breaching or a whale shooting a spout of water 25ft in the air, from your condo balcony, but if you want to get the most out of your whale watching experience we recommend booking a whale watching excursion. Other festivals are at nearby puerto adolfo lopez mateos in. Seemingly, the languid baja vibe extends to animals as well as people. One can choose from special boats designed specifically for whale observation, a variety of smaller boats, or the larger tour boats that also provide food and beverages. Superior whale watching tour season, from december 8th until march 23rd without a doubt, one of the highlights of puerto vallarta. Whale watching in ecuadorhumpback whales in season june. Puerto lopez ecuador international real estate from. Download whale pichers stock pictures and picture in the best photography agency reasonable prices millions of high quality and royaltyfree stock photos and images. Find in a single place, forests of varied climates. Best place for humpback whales watching puerto lopez ecuador.

The leader, pedro, is a calm, knowledgeable person who did a great job. After considering the events that occur during this season, including inti raymi, whale watching and morbid sandpiper behavior, i recant my previous statement regarding the best time to travel to ecuador. This time of year is mating season and the whales can be heard serenading and chatting. When in december the first whales arrive this place becomes increasingly visited by tourists from all over the world to experience something unique. Unfortunately we arrived during whale spotting season when its really expensive in puerto lopez. Our prime location makes us the ideal guest lodge and resort to take in the marvelous, seafront sunsets, providing you with a unique place to relax and get away from it all. It is known for being one of the best placed on the planet to see humpback whales doing humpback whale stuff. Each year all of us in puerto cayo welcome with great anticipation the amazing dance that our friends the whales perform in front of our eyes. Operators are equipped for tourists and visitors and can guarantee a safe and pleasant trip out on the waters. This population has been estimated to now be over 18,000 whales and their annual growth rate estimated between 67%. Jul 14, 2014 whale watching near puerto lopez in ecuador. This puerto lopez travel guide gives you the low down on this coastal town.

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