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The eie and eie pro both have 4 outputs for many different purposes. There is some basic midi mapping that you need to perform in order to properly control your pads. Eie pro drivers not yet available for macos sierra. This unit offered fourchannel recording but capped audio at 16bit resolution. Check out this video that walks you through connecting equipment to the eie pro s insert points. Ive been using akai equipment since the 90s when their flagship samplers werent just popular but an absolutely essential bit of studio kit. Akai pro eie and eie pro audio setup in reaper 1 1 1 1 1 containing 4 routable inputs and outputs, the eie and eie pro expand on the stereo inputs and outputs normally found on computer sound cards, and external audio interfaces. Drivers, bios, firmwares et utilitaires pour carte son. The usb part of the driver is probably nearly finished but the alsa and error state handling require more work. My sound card is broken without driver this is akai.

What seems to have corrected the problem is a rollback of drivers to the oldest ones on their website. Eie pro windows 10 drivers i should also mention that there have been a few reports of trouble with windows 10 and usb 3. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program. Sep 22, 2011 driverhive database details for akai eie pro audio wdm 2. Despite the fact that beta versions of sierra have been available for months, akai has failed to produce eie pro drivers for macos sierra and have remained silent on when or if drivers will be made. Akai s product range has expanded over recent years but its eie interface may have slipped beneath your radar. En croisant les doigts, je lai donc installee sur mon ordi avec le driver akai 2. The mpx16 will control all 16 of the pads in the mpc software. Connect the eie or eie pro to a usb port and power on. Initially i thought that the eie pro was on the out, but then i tried updating the drivers to an older version. Akai eie and eie pro setup with sonar x1 and x2 akai.

Make sure to have akai eie pro asio driver in 1 and akai eie pro asio driver in 3 checked. Akai eie pro audio tearingproblem in windows benjamin peters. The akai eie interface with a grey box, is the one working with the eie pro asio driver, but sofar i have no proof that it would even work better than the asio4all driver. Driverhive database details for akai eie pro usb 2. The current development status is highly experimental. Submit warranty or service inquiry with our technical support team by logging onto the akai pro support page. This fourin, fourout 4x4 device features low latency asio drivers and enables you to record up to 24bit resolution and sample rates of 44. My original drivers were the latest ones but they did not perform well. The brand is no stranger to digital audio, however, having built its reputation upon a range of samplers that became the first choice of professional and home studios throughout the 80s and 90s. Jai ma brave akai eie pro pour les prises a quatre micros.

Starting with macos high sierra, improved security features now require the user to enable a system extension for any new driver being installed to the operating. First, lets connect the akai eie to the computer via usb connection and ensure that the power supply is connected as well. If you have an eie pro, install the drivers for the device from the included installation disk, or from a download link on the products page online. Akai eie and eie pro audio setup in reaper akai professional. Akai has not yet resolved the issues and cannot offer the eie pro driver for this item, therefore you are doomed if you purchased this one with windows 8. The mpx16 can also be used to control the legendary mpc software. Fine for most applications but limited by the standards of some competitors, and its perhaps no surprise that akai now returns with a more commanding. Jan 20, 2012 new akai eie pro audio interfaceexpander. Click the recording tab and select eie pro as the default device.

Click the playback tab and select eie pro as the default device. Akai professional eie usb audio recording interface with. The numbers here relate to the numbers on the output jacks. Akai eie pro eie pro 24bit electromusic interface expander. Using insert points akai eie pro and the alesis 3632 youtube. Hi, ive just had an akai eie pro delivered, and im trying to get the driver software installed.

If you have the eie, the audio drivers in your mac or pc will automatically. Akai eie pro audiomidi interface with usb hub the eie pro is a tabletop usb audio interface perfectly tailored for your project and portable studio setups. Decided to purchase the unit, promtly arrived and installed it on my system using the latest drivers from the akai website. Lenregistrement avec micro semble bien fonctionner mais lorsque je monte. Apr 23, 20 does akai s eie pro audio interface live up to its tough looks and impressive feature list. The eie pro conforms to the normal use, terminology and function of these ports. On september 20th, apple released sierra, the new version of os x now renamed macos. At the bottom of this screen, check the option show mono outputs if you want to separate your output channels. Not to mention that it looks old fashioned, in a good way. Akai eie and eie pro setup in cubase akai professional.

Buy akai professional eie pro professional 24bit audiomidi interface with. Akais latest audio interface boasts a formidable feature set and an emphasis on robust hardware and simple operation. The akai pro mpx16 makes a great standalone sample recorder and player. The eie pro features four discretedesign preamplifiers with 48v phantom power for use with virtually any microphone. It is important to us that our users can continue to enjoy their akai pro. Avec les drivers dorigine, aucune latence ou imperceptible, aucun souffle ou bruit. Akai professional eie pro professional 24bit audio. With the eie tabletop usb audio interface from akai professional, you can connect. The eie can be used with virtually any music software program like garageband or pro tools and connects plugandplay to macs or pcs. The akai team is currently testing all hardware and software for compatibility with catalina. When i put the disc in, all i get is the option of viewing or importing images on it, or viewing the files in the folder. This fourin, fourout 4x4 device features low latency asio drivers and. Ensuite, sous device, selectionnez votre carte son. Connect eie pro to a power source using the included power adapter 6v, 3a, center pinpositive.

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